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Some facts from the company history:

Company was founded at the Upa river banks, not far from the Austrian town Elektrikov in the year of 1648. that years we used only semiconductors like dried wood, watered packthread or pressed leaves... than, many years later we begun to use metal conductors like copper and aluminium....

.....and now seriously

 In 1991 company was founded as the small business firm providing small electrical installation projects. At the beginning we hired object in Ceska Sklalice and we had 2 employees. Than we growed up tpo 15 specialists in rhe year of 1996. In 1998 we bought the building in the center of Ceska Skalice and reconstructed it into modern production site which meets all the demands for the qualitative and reliable realization of the projects of our customers.

Nowdays we offer full spectrum offer in the field of electrical installation design production and service including audit of the electrical installations and appliances.


Kostel církve husické v České Skalici

Kostel církve husické v České Skalici

- elektroinstalace kostela
- napojení varhan
- nasvětlení objektu


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